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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gregory Heisler (rulezzz)

A New York-based photographer, Heisler is known for his stunning portraits of famous figures; from actors to politicians, athletes to musicians, he captures a dynamic range of human beings that excel under his light and within their own craft. To have a photograph serve as the cover of TIME Magazine is an amazing achievement, so to somehow measure the caliber of his success, he has been able to pull this off over seventy times. In the presentation of his work, the absence of titles is absolutely fitting because it is juxtaposed with radiant substance. These photographs glow with life, as if it was an attempt at conversation, beaming messages of beauty and perhaps, whispering an exclamation of loneliness.

He also has great work in color (check out the gallery in his website) but I felt it would be a bit gratuitous to include them here when this work is just as vibrant. ("20080206 Podcast - Gregory Heisler")

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