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Monday, March 30, 2009

Phil Toledano

Coincidentally, Phillip also goes by Phil, who’s Phone Sex series I found on pages from the latest issue of Aperture Magazine.

“A contract of mutual self-delusion exists between the caller and phone sex operator. The caller imagines he is speaking to his most secret fantasy – and whatever it might be – animal, vegetable or mineral, the operator willingly plays the part.

A phone sex operator must be able to understand the caller’s wants. But more importantly, they must be able to decrypt the unspoken desires. Those things that are too preposterous, too scandalous, or humiliating to articulate. From a few mumbled words, a phone sex operator must weave a bespoke and finely detailed fantasy encounter.

It requires a vivid imagination, acting ability, and above all, a deep understanding of the human appetite. What do we crave? What words have the maximum yield? What tone will most effectively reach into a man’s trousers? When to be gentle, and when to demand fealty. Phone-sex is theatre. An artificial passion-play in real-time, directed by a skilled verbal fantasist, with only one possible conclusion. These photographs of phone sex operators were taken in their homes, often in the rooms where they worked. They opened their doors to a stranger, and wrote courageously about their experiences.”

Phone Sex The Book

Phil Toledano projects

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