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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday entry: Environmental Portraiture !

Lately, I have been trying to think of better ways to incorporate the environment with these portraits for my series, but run into the problem of losing the definition of portraiture. Researching environmental portraiture has been so helpful and it is slightly funny but more embarrassing that I did not think to do this before. I have found some great examples of the ways photographers strategically frame while making images, so that the viewer’s attention is where it should be. The surrounding details should function almost as clues, providing information that leads the way into a possible narrative. Technically, I understand that both lighting and focus are important elements that should be controlled in order to yield a cohesive group of images, but I am wondering if such changes in the environment will confuse or disrupt the flow of their likeness.

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  1. This blog is supposed to be based on research. I can not accept a slight reference to supposed research as something that you have actually done. You are smarter than this. Pick it back up! I admire your writing and this is where you should be showcaseing it.