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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teri Fullerton

Batzloff, brother, Army

Greg, Owen

Eric, Matt


From Sacramento to Portland, Minneapolis to Milwaukee, Teri Fullerton has refined her skills in photography as well as her ability to communicate her ideas through education. She has taken special attention to the process of titling her work, making the task as sacred as the creation of poetry. “Falling in Love at the End of the Universe” presents a series of portraits that reveal the same pattern of information: Last name, relative or family member involved, and particular branch of the nation’s armed forces. The space that is placed between camera and subjects echoes the distance that may possibly separate the subjects from their family members. Since the environment almost dominates the composition of each photograph, I am greatly aware of a sense of loss. “Batzloff, brother, Army” presents a lone subject in a stagnant, outdoor environment. The leaves on the trees have already fallen, and the body language expressed by the subject seems to mimic this act of release. With the beer on the table and shoulders pushed back, the mood is very contemplative, and I cannot help but think that what is missing belongs to this individual. “Kingdoms in Your Chest” is another series of images that I feel are really strengthened by the title. Just the idea of something so extensive, a vast territory, a spiritual realm, being encaged and contained by the tender bones of a human being is overwhelmingly majestic. The subjects in “Greg, Owen” and “Eric, Matt” all seem to be affected by an unknown force, whether it is above them or within, it’s beyond their control. “dear” is an image that I feel is a more literal response to the title of the series; it is more scientific because I am drawn to the notion of a hierarchy among the organs that are brutally exposed through the animals, but obviously functioned at one point to create something greater, that is life.
I enjoy being moved by these titles, how they ignite specific feelings that can only be soothed and pacified by further investigating the images.

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