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Monday, August 31, 2009

Robert Weingarten

Last semester I was in an aisle at Cabell Library, unsuccessfully trying to find this book, until I caught a glimpse of 6:30 staring at me from the shelf. Like most hardcover books there, it lacked the paper sleeve that was meant to envelope with personality, but the numbers strangely represented my birthday, so I pulled it out. If anything, I was hoping to find some interesting fact of the moment that would make this book relevant; a warming paragraph or two about Cancers and their nurturing ways, something to make this serendipitous encounter legendary, at least for the remainder of the afternoon. Every page was a perfect square (about 12 inches in length) revealing different hues of reds, blues, and in-betweens, and every image was breathtaking. Throughout 2003, Robert Weingarten would make photographs of the Santa Monica Bay from his window at 6:30am. Following the same guidelines (frame, time, location) over an entire year, his routine was so precise and yet still managed to produce a multitude of varying products !

I am interested in how the role of titles in this body of work serves as data; it had accumulated over time and formed a collection of events, a calendar of images, an ever-expanding record of continuous beauty.

03/26/03 #28

01/04/03 #3

04/08/03 #33

05/20/09 #45

Robert Weingarten

Weston Gallery

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  1. I love these pieces. Phoenix Art Museum has an exhibit going on now, Exposing Time, which is featuring them along with other photographers work. I was so excited when I walked in and saw them because I didn't know what pieces would be featured. If you can get there by the end of June go see the exhibit, it's fabulous.