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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday entry: The Art of the Matter

Looking back on first semester, I remember feeling the urgency to settle on a theme for my portfolio almost immediately. When you’re starting from scratch however, the task can be a little more difficult, but I found the brainstorming process a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with my research methods. I tried to keep my brain as active as possible, looking up different artists, who sometimes had nothing to do with photography or anything I was thinking about at the time. Even when the cerebral sparks were just not happening with certain artists, I guess I just kept faith that whatever I was looking for would eventually come. After a while, I found myself stuck on reading about all these great things that other artists had done and felt like my methods were all wrong. The reality was that a formula for feeling did not exist; I wasn’t going to propagate enthusiasm overnight with a checklist.

Realizing that it is a process to be nurtured has benefitted my search. I’m not looking for ‘one’ thing in particular, but perusing the plethora of resources that are just waiting to be absorbed. This has made the idea of research less futile and less stressful, so I feel like I can contribute to the physical construction of my photos and make the process more enjoyable for myself.

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