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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday entry: Mismatch

Since our last meeting, I was trying to make a connection between the work I have produced and the themes that never seem to escape my head. I have always been quite interested in the infiniteness of cycles and the negotiation that is necessary to create balance between opposing thoughts. With that, I am trying to think of better ways to continue my project. As Jeff suggested, I have been constructing multiple versions of the same images in my head. With “Dad Dressed As Mom Disguised As a Mouse,” I am sort of drawn to the elaborateness of the title and at the same time, how it’s almost unnecessary and very sterile, never discussing nor hinting at any suggestion to feel a certain way. It lacks emotion, and that’s what I search for in the image. It seems that by identifying the subject within the frame, a new set of questions has been formed, and I like how that is working backwards. Working off of this title in particular, I have considered making slight modifications to the arrangement of words, the introduction of parentheses for the specialization of circumstances, and the advantage to implementing a general silliness overall. Visually, I know that I would like to keep the images connected in some way, maybe through maintaining a similar composition (ex. subject in center) or keeping a palate of select colors. Clothing/garments, notable props, i.e. – these items could definitely assist in keeping a relationship between my images.

I am excited to grasp a general format for these pictures, and mismatch certain parts to truly make it like a game. Reminiscent of those child activity books where you have to circle what is different between the two illustrations, I want these changes to be subtle until they are deafeningly apparent.

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