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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ute Klein

Her series “Resonanzgeflechte – leibhafter Raum” shows exactly that, networks of resonance through bodily spaces. “Resonance” in the English language holds several different meanings depending on the context. In Physics, it refers to the reinforcement of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object. In Astronomy, it’s the occurrence of a simple ratio between the periods of revolution of two bodies about a single primary. In Chemistry, the state inhabited by certain molecules bearing a structure that cannot adequately be represented by a single structural formula but is a composite of two or more structures of higher energy. Essentially, it is a result of what happens between separate parts; it’s like the action is dependent on the space existing between two bodies and the friction that yields/is generated by their collision. Upon viewing her work and witnessing the distinct arrangement of form, the pairs are introduced as malleable structures. They serve to mirror the states that are a result of relationships: emotional. In her artist statement, Klein refers to bodies as being ‘interlocked,’ which I think presents a perfect discussion about the entanglements of love, as a consequence. This visual metaphor succeeds in its presentation of quiet struggles. The absence of violence is not to be mistaken with an illusion of tension. Their union is a result of what divides them emotionally. It is discomfort and elegance molded together. It is a match in wrestling rather than kickboxing.

The gentle aspect of these images is extremely alluring. Klein has found a way to communicate the subject of her work in a precise and immediate manner. Similarly, I want my voice to have such presence in the work that I do and yet remain distant. The intrigue comes from the possibilities of interpretation; the plasticity of plausibility.

*definitions courtesy of Dictionary widget.

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