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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Midterm Critique Video

Me Being Professional

This recording was extremely helpful, mainly because I have never honestly considered the other side of perceiving, and the position of the viewer. As long as we have had critiques in this department, my routine always remains the same: thinking about things, writing them down, and then trying to cover those points while I’m standing in front of the class and my work. It’s quite simple but sometimes, can easily get lost between standing up to speak, and returning to my seat. I think I am pretty used to talking in front people by now, and perhaps it’s because I’ve become more familiar with my classmates along the way and more confident in the work I do, but I think that a good portal for communication was established during critique, and I was pleased that it was able to happen in that way.

I found that being able to go back and listen to people’s comments was really intriguing. The possibility to go off in tangents in conversation is immense, but it definitely happens with purpose, I think as part of the subconscious, regardless of its spontaneous nature. The Intrusive Nature of Nature seemed to get the most responses. The perspective didn’t match the deadpan aesthetic of the other images, and this was an immediate difference. Also, I learned that there were differences in tone between print and projection for that one, so I’ll make the proper adjustments.

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