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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday entry: (Guilt) Free Time

A certain Saturday this month, I exercised my potential to do all the wrong things. I wasn’t dancing with the law, at least not getting arrested, but there certainly was dancing, in place of the designated time I established to write a very important research paper.

A few of my friends held an Open Mic Poetry Reading/Musical Performance Event at The Camel, which was a very cleansing experience. Afterwards, it transformed into a dance party through the collective efforts of approximately 16 people; a ridiculously fun and unassuming time. Being in an atmosphere where other artists open their creative diaries to the world can be rather humbling but in the healthiest way. I question my own efforts to make things and share them with people, and if my intentions (for everybody to have a good time) are honest. So ultimately, it is just as, if not more encouraging to be surrounded by this positive, pro-active momentum (which I then proceeded to nurture by later going to the Thao Nguyen show at the Canal Club near Shockoe Bottom, followed by more dancing in undisclosed locations, alongside everybody’s parents living in Downtown Richmond).

It’s imperative to set aside a little time to be irresponsible though, I feel, and I try to make sure that I practice this several times a month (sometimes in one day, but that is called something else and can be quite problematic). It improves my ability to think by clearing my head, because I am having fun and not stressed about work. It also increases the strength of my punch the second time around, when I’m ready to be in the business of getting things done. This is one pattern of mental exercises that I thoroughly enjoy, and would like to relay in the work that I do.

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