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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday entry: Pain

Enroute to my frosty at Micky D’s.

If there was a way to intelligibly describe my current situation for purpose of creating a suitably formal entry, then I would not write the words I am going to right now. At 8am yesterday morning I had my wisdom teeth removed and it is only beginning to register now, mentally and physically, just what I had endured in the process. And by “it” I could be referring to the swelling, occasional vomiting, bleeding, nausea, sensitive hearing, or general no-good-time-having, but I think I will leave its definition to the discretion of someone who possibly cares. I knew that it wasn’t going to be the best time, but this time especially, is horrible. Who chooses to have oral surgery the day before Thanksgiving? Stepping away from all of this selfish dissatisfaction, my parents are saving a good amount of dollars through their medical insurance, which will no longer cover me after I graduate on the 12th of next month. The previous summers, scheduling an appointment never worked out, or maybe was never attempted. I was always too busy trying to get away, having internships, surviving Brooklyn and conquering my apprehensions about the future. Serves me right. So in a way it felt rushed, but I am thankful to have helped my parents in preventing them from releasing all of their savings to the wind at my expense, because they already sort of do.

It is going to be a rough time going back to Richmond and finishing up this semester. Right now I’m trying to figure out how nice it will be trying to get up those stairs. So for now, at least today: Everything, nice and slow.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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