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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zoomar of Flickr

Pug With Yellow Chair and Whiskey

Pug With Pot and Stand in Alley

Pug With Tennis Net and Sleeping Homeless Man

Pug and Human Face Doll

I was first introduced to zoomar’s work through my older sister, Sheena. For about 12 years, our pug Zander has been a vital part of the family, always lending an open and unbiased ear, strengthening confidence in times of our own incompetence, and generally offering a dependable, fuzzy shoulder to lean on (sort of); so naturally, I am in adoration when I meet or witness anything that is associated with pugs. “Disinterested Pug With Found Objects” series is the best thing I could ever ask for. Mostly because of the thorough enjoyment I experience from looking at photos of other people’s pets, and also, making pictures of my own. I love the sort of serious approach to something that appears as simple as that. When I look through the dusty folders that once populated my desktop, bulky with ‘zander pix,’ I notice that he has always carried the same sad and solemn expression; it is something he has practiced well, visual proof of the gravity of his demeanor. I am delighted that this artist has banked on this consistency, and only slightly jealous that I didn’t get around to doing it first. This pattern is paralleled with the titles, because the repetition of figure is what anchors each photograph really, and everything else is just random, in a wonderful and extremely humorous sort of way.

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