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Friday, October 5, 2012

Every time you have a thought or a dream you should record it somewhere because when you rediscover it, you will be glad you did.  I recently, like three hours ago, read all the dreams in my phone's calendar that I have recorded over the past month and they are more serious than an interesting story you can connect with or a funny joke you heard.  Then again when you are waiting for the train in such merciless humidity, lots of things on your phone can be more intriguing than making eye contact with the several strange figures that fart and spit about the platform as if it was their personal toilet.  

Anyway, the parts that don't make sense on the surface are the most fascinating bits that get analyzed to pieces, and not that this is frustrating (it's actually really fun).  It's like a tough cookie to work through, with care, diligence, patience, and the answer is delicious and satisfying, at least temporarily.  Even if you can never make a connection to previously recorded thoughts and states, what a beautiful documentation of the waves passing through you.  



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