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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Benefit at Glasslands

Andrea Estella's shoes. Twin Sister, Glasslands.

Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, Glasslands.
I truly enjoyed this show, a little biased since Glasslands puts me in a dreamy and drunken mood anyway but the fact that I got to see two bands I've creeped on heavily at one point in my life sets a certain amount of affection in your heart for whatever they happen to do in the future.  Their sets were beautifully curated, and I can say that lately I haven't been to many shows where I was familiar with full albums, (since most music is new, and loud, and whatever my cousin Nikos invites me to, usually always involving a group hug of moshers) so to be able to recognize the conversation and the tone, the new shit, the old just okay but warm and fuzzy shit, it was all a treat to me.  Twin Sister's "All Around and Away We Go" is practically impossible to listen to and not want to move every jelly bone in your body and make love to the space around you.  Andrea Estella is so strange and lovely, and recalling their last sold out $7 (that's right motherfuckers) Christmas gig at Bowery Ballroom in 2011, she still holds the stage presence of a prized bizarro doll on display.  Chairlift bounced back and forth between new and old albums to keep the crowd's attention, as if they needed to try (we all were $20 in, deeply invested into the FUN(d) of this experience, so we were going to absorb every note, every burning stage light and drunk girl that stepped on our foot and love it no matter what).  Caroline Polachek gave a shout out to Occupy Sandy and thanked everyone for paying twenty bucks to be there, which was cool.  Ending with "I Belong In Your Arms" was a great way to make everybody not want to go home, so they did like two more songs that were new and released in Not America, as Caroline's sister graced the stage with her two chainz and back up vocals.

Now I'm wishing I took pictures of the other bands that opened because they were amazing also, but I'm sure there are plenty circulating the internet somewhere so while you are researching, give Empress Of a listen.  Layers upon layers of experimental melodies very reminiscent of Dirty Projectors with a heavy spotlight on Grimes technology/methods. 

and *this song is the *doughnuts

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